What should drivers do when they see emergency vehicles approaching them from behind with lights and sirens on?

Drivers should pull to the right as far as possible, stop their vehicle and allow emergency vehicles to pass before continuing on their journey.

My family member is injured/having chest pains.  Isn’t it faster to just drive to the hospital than to wait for an ambulance?

No, if you think someone may be having a heart attack, stroke, or may be seriously injured, please call 911 and let the paramedics come to you.  If needed they will be able to deliver lifesaving advanced medical treatment before you arrive at the hospital.  Please see the Ambulance page for more information.  If necessary, dispatchers can also send a helicopter ambulance to fly the patient to the appropriate hospital.

Should I drive to the fire station to save time?

No, never try to drive an injured or sick person to the fire station.  The paramedics may be out on another call or working around town and there may not be anyone at the fire station to help you.  Please call 911 and let us come to you.

How do I obtain an outdoor burn permit?

Open burning is not permitted in Trophy Club.  The residential lots here are not large enough to have a fire setback from a structure as required in the fire code.  See Chapter 3, Article IX.

Can we use our outdoor grill or fireplace?

Contained fires, such as in a grill or outdoor fireplace, are allowed in town, even during dry periods.  According to the International Fire Code, as amended and adopted by Town Ordinances, Chapter 3, Article IX, in Section308.3.1:

“Charcoal burners and other open-flame cooking devices shall not be operated or located on combustible balconies or within 10 feet (3048 mm) of combustible construction.  Exceptions:   1.  One- and two-family dwellings.  2.  Where buildings, balconies, and decks are protected by an approved automatic sprinkler system. “

In short, grills are prohibited on apartment balconies or patios.

We encourage you to be “fire smart” when cooking outdoors to prevent injury to your family as well as damage to your property.  Please see the outdoor cooking link in the Fire Prevention section.

Can we set off fireworks in our backyard?

Individual fireworks displays are prohibited by Town ordinance, Chapter 10, Article VI, Use of Fireworks.

I would like to get rid of a bunch of chemicals in my garage (paint, antifreeze, insecticides, etc.) but I don’t want to put them in the regular trash.  How can I dispose of them?

The Town of Trophy Club holds a Community Cleanup Event twice a year.  Click here for more information.

Why are the flags at half-mast?  How do I know if we should have our flag at half-mast?

The flag status is determined by the governor’s office.   Click here for more information.  If you would like updates emailed to you please enter your email address on their page to subscribe to their service.

Can we visit the fire station and see the fire trucks?

Yes, we welcome visitors of all ages at the fire station.  Please call us at 682-831-4630 or contact us to arrange a tour.

Can we have a birthday party at the fire station?

No, we do not host parties at the fire station, but our Firefighter/Paramedics and trucks will visit your party located within the Town of Trophy Club.  Please understand that all non-emergency services, such as tours and demonstrations, are subject to change due to emergency calls.  Please call us at 682-831-4630  or contact us to make arrangements.