Mobile Intensive Care Units (MICUs)


Both of our ambulances are licensed through the State Department of Health as Mobile Intensive Care Units (MICUs), the highest possible certification.  These MICUs have advanced life support (ALS) capabilities, and, with the exception of laboratory services, are small emergency rooms on wheels.   The paramedics are able to provide:

• Pharmacological interventions

• Advanced airway procedures

• IV access

• EKG and EKG interpretation, with wireless data transmissions to hospitals prior to patient arrival (Lifenet system).  This improves the time to treatment and reduces coronary damage in the event of a heart attack.

In February 2012 we were awarded an Assistance to Firefighters Grant (AFG) from the US Department of Homeland Security for the purchase of two new 12-lead cardiac monitor defibrillators. These new Lifepak 15 units replaced our aging units, and have new capabilities including non-invasive carbon monoxide detection and Bluetooth transmissions.


Should I call 9-1-1?  I’m not sure if the situation is serious and I don’t want to get a bill if I don’t really need an ambulance.

If you are unsure, please call 9-1-1.  We would rather respond to a situation that isn’t critical than not be called if the patient does need emergency attention.  In other words, it’s better to be safe than sorry!  If we do not transport a patient to the hospital there is no charge.

Where do you take patients who need to go to a hospital?

We visit several hospitals in the Dallas-Ft. Worth area.  Patients are taken to the full-service hospital that will best address their medical needs.  Air medical transport may be called based on the patient’s condition and/or estimated transport times.

Do you provide non-emergency ambulance service?

The Trophy Club Fire Department has staffing and equipment to provide emergency ambulance services.  We can only transport patients to a full-service hospital – not to a nursing home, doctor’s office, or clinic.

Why do we charge residents for ambulance service?

The fees for ambulance service are established by the Town Council in the Town’s Schedule of Fees.  We use Intermedix, a third-party billing service, who bills the patient’s insurance company or Medicare.  For residents, a zero account balance is rendered after the insurance payment is received.  For non- residents, Intermedix bills the balance to the patient and works with them on a payment plan if necessary.

How do I pay my ambulance bill?

Please contact Intermedix at 800-867-0944.

Why does the fire truck go on a call for the ambulance?

All Trophy Club Firefighters are dual certified.  Each one holds a State certification in Firefighting as well as Paramedic certification. This allows us to have more trained individuals on the scene to assist with patient care, as well as the having the supervisor, who rides on the fire truck, on scene to handle command and control needs as they may arise, e.g., set up a landing zone for a helicopter should an air ambulance become necessary, or request an additional ambulance should we have multiple patients.